Book and exhibition launch: Strangers Arrive by Leonard Bell Event as iCalendar

24 November 2017

5:30 - 7:30pm

Location: Gus Fisher Gallery, 74 Shortland Street, Auckland Central


None of us had the faintest idea where we were going [but] during 1938–39 . . . the town [Christchurch] was made strangely interesting for anyone like myself, [with the] scattered arrival of ‘the refugees’. All at once there were people among us who were actually from Vienna, or Chemnitz, or Berlin . . . who knew the work of Schoenberg and Gropius.

– Anthony Alpers, 1985


Please join us in celebrating the launch of a book and exhibition by Leonard Bell, Strangers Arrive: Emigrés and the Arts in New Zealand, 1930–1980.