Keith Sinclair Memorial Lecture and launch of Dancing with the King Event as iCalendar

19 October 2017

6 - 8:30pm

Venue: OGHLecTh (Room G36), Old Government House (Building 102)

Location: The University of Auckland

Host: Faculty of Arts

Website: Register here


Michael Belgrave will discuss King Tāwhiao’s Royal Tour of England, followed by the release of his new book, Dancing with the King: The Rise and Fall of the King Country, 1864–1885.

In 1884, Tāwhiao, the second Māori King, led a delegation of Māori rangatīra to London to seek the Imperial government’s assistance in protecting Māori rights. He did not get to see the Queen and historians see this visit as a futile exercise. Tāwhiao and his delegation were met by a revolving door, where the British government sent him home, long convinced that its constitutional responsibilities to Māori in New Zealand had been delegated to the colony. But, the visitors did not see their tour as a failure, but as a resounding success. The Keith Sinclair Memorial lecture will reconsider this Royal Tour from the perspective of the participants themselves.