Launch of Vanishing Points by Michele Leggott Event as iCalendar

24 October 2017

7 - 8:30pm

Venue: Devonport Library

Location: 2 Victoria Road, Devonport, Auckland

Cost: Koha appreciated


It’s an optical amusement, a punctured surface letting light pour through holes cut out of the picture. Moon, army tents and the windows of houses and St Mary’s church glow or flicker with luminance. Between them move women and children as well as soldiers. Steamers, a brig and a schooner ride on the moonlit sea. Part and not part of the scene is the artist’s son, who lies three days buried in the churchyard at the foot of the hill where his father sits sketching the arrival of imperial troops. Now walk away from the painting when it is lit up and see how light falls into the world on this side of the picture surface. Is this what the artist meant by his cut outs? Is this the meaning of every magic lantern slide?

Chaired by Jack Ross, inaugural New Zealand Poet Laureate and Devonport local Michele Leggott will launch her new collection, Vanishing Points, at this Devonport Library Associates Event.