Studies of a Small Democracy: Essays in Honour of Willis Airey

Edited by Robert Chapman & Keith Sinclair

The ten essays in Studies of a Small Democracy explore a century of New Zealand’s history and politics. They examine many of the problems of the West that were gaining traction in the 1960s: the treatment of indigenous people; the diffusion of capital and of political ideas; the struggle of workers and farmers for a place under the omni-competent state; the politics of locality and personality giving way to pressure groups, sectionalism and the party of mass opinion.

At the time of publication, New Zealand’s rich history was only outlined from the eighteen-fifties. These ten studies in depth, each by a former student of a pioneering historian, Willis Airey, are not merely a mine of comparative material and a collection of isolated advances in knowledge. Together they state what were leading ideas for a fresh history of the country.

March 1963, 216 x 135 mm, 288 pages
Hardback, ISBN 9780196479460, $45