Korero Tahi: Talking Together

Joan Metge

‘It offers us all ‘a way of doing partnership as well as talking about it’. – Mick Brown, Te Matahauariki Institute, University of Waikato.


Korero Tahi: Talking Together is a handbook and companion piece to Dame Joan Metge’s earlier work Talking Past Each Other.

In Korero Tahi she presents a procedure for managing group discussion which borrows from and draws on Māori tikanga (protocol). It is designed for use in settings where Māori from different iwi or Pākehā from different ethnic groups are present and committed to working together but it could be used in a wide range of contexts such as conferences, workshops, and community discussions.

Korero Tahi is based on Metge’s own experience of observation in Māori settings and on discussion with Māori experts and working with Māori groups. A practical guide in a wide range of contexts, it also has a wider implications for the whole of society.



Dame Dr Joan Metge was born in 1930. A trained anthropologist, she is particularly famous for her outstanding promotion of cross-cultural awareness. She has published significant books and articles on cross-cultural communication and on Māori history and society. She was awarded the Royal Society of New Zealand’s inaugural Te Rangi Hiroa Medal in 1997 for her outstanding scientific research in the social sciences and, in 2006, won the third Asia-Pacific Mediation Forum Peace Prize, previously won by José Ramos-Horta.


December 2001, 187 x 152 mm, 64 pages, illustrations
Paperback, ISBN 9781869402549, $24.99