Remembering: Writing Oral History


Edited by Anna Green & Megan Hutching

* No longer in print or available to purchase from Auckland University Press


Remembering is an unusually coherent and focussed collection, and its call for New Zealand historians to be open to the richness of oral sources is – judging by the very best of its chapters – compelling.’ – Kate Darian-Smith, Labour History.


With the ever-growing enthusiasm for genealogy and social history, this book on the practice and use of oral history will have considerable appeal.

Remembering falls into two parts, the first exploring some of the general issues that arise for those embarking on oral histories, such as confidentiality, transcribing from oral to written form, and the particular situation of Māori oral history; the second part deals with a fascinating variety and range of particular cases, from the history of an amateur dramatic society, to that of a religious community, to stories of child abuse, and of lesbian experience.

The authors have all had considerable experience in the field and draw on a range of backgrounds. Addressed to the interested general reader this very readable book shows that oral history has a unique and valuable contribution to make to our understanding of the past.



Anna Green is the co-author of Houses of History (1999) and author of British Capital, Antipodean Labour (2001). Megan Hutching is the oral historian in the History Group of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage.


June 2004, 240 x 170 mm, 192 pages, illustrations
Paperback, ISBN 9781869403171, $49.99