Employment Relationships: Workers, Unions and Employers in New Zealand (New edition)

Edited by Erling Rasmussen

‘Professor Erling Rasmussen delivers a welcome introduction to current issues and trends in New Zealand employment relations. An excellent teaching resource’ – NZ Business


By bringing together the views of employers, unions and academics, the wholly new edition of Employment Relationships provides an unrivalled introduction to current trends and issues in New Zealand employment relations.

Ten years after the passage of the Employment Relations Act 2000 (ERA), the time was ripe for this important reassessment of the key forces shaping the nature of work in New Zealand. The new edition of Employment Relationships looks at the major issues associated with employment relations: public policy, collective bargaining, employee representation, labour market adjustments, changes in employment law and trends in employment institutions. And the book tackles key questions: Has the Employment Relations Act supported collective bargaining or allowed the expansion of individual contracts? How have unions and employers reshaped the workplace over the last decade? What does the future hold?

Employment Relationships is an excellent resource for teaching, for employment relations practitioners as well as for researchers in the field both in New Zealand and internationally. As New Zealanders debate how to move towards the elusive ‘high skill, high growth’ knowledge economy, this book looks at the key role that employment relations will play in that future.


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Dr Erling Rasmussen joined AUT as Professor of Work and Employment in 2007 after a career in academia and the public and private sectors. He is the co-author of New Zealand’s leading textbooks on employment relations, edited the first edition of Employment Relationships (AUP) and is the editor of the New Zealand Journal of Employment Relations. He is the New Zealand director of the Cranet survey, the world’s largest survey of human resource practices, and past-President (2007–2008) of the Association of Industrial Relations Academics in Australia & New Zealand.

Contributors include: Margaret Wilson, Laila Harre, Stephen Blumenfeld, Andrew Caisley, Ian McAndrew, Barbara Burton, Barry Foster, Helen Kelly, Nigel Haworth, Felicity Lamm, Colm McLaughlin, Danae Anderson and Erling Rasmussen.


July 2010, 224 x 158 mm, 242 pages, figures
Paperback, ISBN 9781869404499, $49.99