The New Zealand Economy: An Introduction

Ralph Lattimore & Shamubeel Eaqub

What drives economic growth in New Zealand? How have we been impacted by globalisation and the financial crisis? And what will shape our future productivity and competitiveness?

In this book leading economists Ralph Lattimore and Shamubeel Eaqub bring together key data to provide a readable and analytical introduction to the contemporary New Zealand economy.

Small and open, the New Zealand economy is frequently buffeted by changing international commodity prices and interest rates as well as shifts in domestic policy. To make sense of our dynamic economy, Lattimore and Eaqub interpret data on key economic indicators over time – GDP and interest rates, population, employment and productivity levels, trade and investment, government accounts.They focus particularly on two issues of key importance to contemporary New Zealand: globalisation and the rise of the Asian economies over the past thirty years; and the origins and continuing effects of the 2007–08 Global Financial Crisis.

The New Zealand Economy includes case studies by Professors Gary Hawke and Philip McCann.

Rich with local data and case studies, The New Zealand Economy is a clear and concise assessment of the current structure and performance of New Zealand’s economy from a historical and global perspective. The book is an ideal supplementary text for undergraduates and MBA students as well as a pocket primer for New Zealanders involved in business and policy.


The data will be updated quarterly and made available to readers here, making The New Zealand Economy continuously relevant and authoritative.


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A professor of economics for many years, Ralph Lattimore is now a consulting economist who has worked for the New Zealand Institute for Economic Research and the OECD. He is the author, with Alan Bollard and Brian Silverstone, of A Study of Economic Reform: The Case of New Zealand (1996), among numerous other publications.

Shamubeel Eaqub has been a private sector economist since 2001 in New Zealand and Australia and is now the principal economist at the New Zealand Institute for Economic Research.


October 2011, 210 x 160 mm, 176 pages, figures
Paperback, ISBN 9781869404895, $34.99