Ko Tautoro, Te Pito o Tōku Ao: A Ngāpuhi Narrative

Hōne Sadler



Ngāpuhi is the largest iwi in New Zealand and its people have occupied the northern North Island, from Tāmaki in the south to Te Rerenga Wairua in the north, from the time of their arrival from Hawaiki. Ko Tautoro, Te Pito o Tōku Ao is Ngāpuhi elder Hōne Sadler’s powerful account of the origins, history and culture of the Ngāpuhi people – a profound introduction to the Sacred House of Puhi.


Sadler illustrates the unbroken chain of Ngāpuhi sovereignty by looking in-depth at his own hapū of Ngāti Moerewa, Ngāti Rangi and Ngāi Tawake ki te Waokū of Tautoro and Matarāua. The narrative is told through weaving together karakia and whakapapa, histories and kōrero that have been part of the oral traditions of Ngāpuhi’s whānau, hapū and iwi and handed down through the generations on marae and other gathering places.


Presented first to open the Ngāpuhi’s claim before the Waitangi Tribunal, Sadler’s narrative is a powerful Māori oral account, presented here in te reo and English on facing pages, of the story of New Zealand’s largest iwi.



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Hōne Sadler is a senior lecturer in the Māori Studies Department at the University of Auckland where he teaches Māori language, oral literature and matauranga Māori. He grew up speaking only Māori in the Tautoro Valley in Northland and is a renowned Māori orator and Ngāpuhi elder.

October 2014, 240 x 170 mm, 200 pages, genealogies
ISBN 978 1 86940 814 5, $49.99