Gerald Hensley

Historian. Former diplomat and public servant.

Photo credit: Graeme Bowden

Former diplomat and public servant Gerald Hensley CNZM was born in Christchurch and currently lives on a vineyard in Martinborough.

His diplomatic career spanned more than two decades, and included postings to Western Samoa, New York (UN), London (Commonwealth Secretariat), Washington and Singapore. He served as Permanent Head of the Prime Minister‘s Department for the last four years of the Muldoon and the first three years of the Lange Administrations and has also been New Zealand’s Co-ordinator of Domestic and External Security and its Secretary of Defence. He retired from the Public Service in 1999 and was honoured with the CNZM.

His books include a memoir about his time in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister’s Department, Final Approaches and Beyond the Battlefield (Penguin), which was supported by the inaugural QE11 Army Memorial Museum Literary Award ($70,000) and was a finalist in the 2010 New Zealand Post Book Awards.