Jane McRae

Māori-language scholar.

Jane McRae was a lecturer in Māori language and literature at the Māori Studies Department of the University of Auckland from 1993 to 2003 and an honorary research fellow until 2016. As a freelance translator and researcher, her principal areas of work have been on the published and unpublished literature of the nineteenth century, including manuscripts of the oral tradition, political and historical documents, and letter-writing by Māori.

Among her publications are, as author, ‘Maori Literature: A Survey’, in Terry Sturm (ed.), The Oxford History of New Zealand Literature (Oxford University Press, 1998) and Ngā Mōteatea: An Introduction/He Kupu Arataki, translated by Hēni Jacob (Auckland University Press, 2011); and as contributor and editor with Jenifer Curnow and Ngapare Hopa, Rere atu, taku manu! Discovering History Language and Politics in the Maori-language Newspapers and He Pitopito Kōrero nō te Perehi Māori: Readings from the Maori-language Press (Auckland University Press, 2002, 2006).