Leonard Bell

Art Historian and writer on cross-cultural interactions and representations.

Photo credit: Marti Friedlander

Associate Professor Len Bell has taught Art History at The University of Auckland since 1973. He has held research fellowships at the National Gallery of American Art, Washington DC, and the Yale Center for British Art and was the 2005 Daphne Mayo Visiting Professor in the School of Art History, Film and Media Studies at the University of Queensland. He is on the International Advisory Board of the journal Art History and on the Editorial Advisory Committees of the Journal of New Zealand Art History, Journal of New Zealand Studies, and Reading Room.

Dr Bell is a highly-regarded scholar whose writing on cross-cultural interactions and on the work of travelling, migrant and refugee artists has been published in New Zealand, Australia, Britain, the United States of America, Germany and the Czech Republic. He is the author of a number of major art books, including Colonial Constructs: European images of Maori, 1840–1914, The Maori in European Art, In Transit: Questions of Home and Belonging in New Zealand Art and Marti Friedlander, the first major book on eminent New Zealand photographer Marti Friedlander.