Paul Millar

Biographer, academic, literary scholar.

Photo credit: Peter Millar

Dr Paul Millar is associate professor of English at the University of Canterbury.

Millar was convening judge in the 2007 Montana New Zealand Book Awards and received a Copyright Licensing Limited Writers’ Award in 2003 to complete his biography of Bill Pearson, No Fretful Sleeper (AUP, 2010).

Millar has published five books and a number of articles on the poetry of James K. Baxter, including Spark to a Waiting Fuse (2001), Baxter’s New Selected Poems (2002) and the Selected Poems of James K. Baxter (2010). He co-wrote the Baxter documentary The Road to Jerusalem, has been the Baxter consultant on two television documentaries and, with Geoffrey Miles and John Davison, completed a book on Baxter and myth, published in 2011.