Reina Whaitiri

Researcher of Māori and Pacific literature.

Reina Whaitiri (Kaitahu) was born in 1943 to a Pakeha mother and Maori father. Before retiring from teaching in 2008, she taught English literature at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and, before that, at the University of Auckland, where she also co-ordinated the University of Auckland Tertiary Education Foundation Programme that encouraged and prepared students for return to tertiary study. She is an editor and researcher of Maori and Pacific literature. Her major research interest is Maori women writers and she has published articles on being Maori and on Maori women’s poetry and has co-edited two volumes of poetry by Maori and Pacific Island writers, Whetu Moana and Mauri Ola. She lives in Auckland with partner Albert Wendt.