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Upcoming titles from Auckland University Press.

  • Night Horse
    Elizabeth Smither

    Mothers and daughters, cats and horses, books and bowls are transformed in Elizabeth Smither’s eighteenth poetry collection. June 2017 >>

  • Tōtara: A Natural and Cultural History
    Philip Simpson

    A wonder of evolution, the big tree of the forest, the wood behind Māori carving and Pākehā fence posts: the ‘mighty tōtara’ is New Zealand’s tree and this book tells its story. June 2017 >>

  • Tears of Rangi
    Anne Salmond

    We live in a world of gridded maps, Outlook calendars and balance sheets – making it seem that this is the nature of reality itself. But in New Zealand, our history of reciprocal exchange and complex networks may point to new ways of understanding interactions between peoples today. July 2017 >>

  • Teenagers: The Rise of Youth Culture in New Zealand
    Chris Brickell

    From mashers to milk bars, flappers to factory girls, larrikins to louts – this intimate and evocative look at youth culture offers insights into the true lives of teenagers and the history of New Zealand. July 2017 >>