• The Dangerous Country of Love and Marriage
    Amy Leigh Wicks

    A collection of sharp, sensory poems that build a narrative of love and marriage, migration and isolation. June 2019 >>

  • Because a Woman's Heart is Like a Needle at the Bottom of the Ocean
    Sugar Magnolia Wilson

    A first collection from a significant new voice in New Zealand poetry. March 2019 >>

  • Under Glass
    Gregory Kan

    A colossal jungle. Two suns. The sea on fire. If the mind were a place, what might it look like? Under Glass is an ambitious new collection by one of the most exciting young poets writing today. March 2019 >>

  • That Derrida Whom I Derided Died: Poems 2013–2017
    C. K. Stead

    A new collection from New Zealand’s most distinguished living poet. September 2018 >>

  • Nowhere Nearer
    Alice Miller

    A second collection by one of New Zealand’s most powerful young voices, now out in the wide world. August 2018 >>

  • Pasture and Flock: New and Selected Poems
    Anna Jackson

    A time-spanning collection of sequences and poems from the poet of the everyday extraordinary. March 2018 >>

  • He’s so MASC
    Chris Tse

    After reckoning with the dead in the award-winning How to be Dead in a Year of Snakes, Chris Tse turns to issues of identity and how to live today in this powerful second collection. March 2018 >>

  • Vanishing Points
    Michele Leggott

    A new poetry collection full of stories caught from the air and pictures made of words. October 2017 >>

  • Simply by Sailing in a New Direction. Allen Curnow: A Biography
    Terry Sturm. Edited by Linda Cassells

    A powerful biography of New Zealand’s most important poet. September 2017 >>

  • Allen Curnow: Collected Poems
    Edited by Elizabeth Caffin and Terry Sturm

    The collected work of New Zealand’s most distinguished poet. September 2017 >>

  • Allen Curnow Biography and Poems Slipcase edition
    Terry Sturm. Edited by Linda Cassels, Elizabeth Caffin and Terry Sturm

    A limited edition slipcase edition of Simply by Sailing in a New Direction. Allen Curnow: A Biography and Allen Curnow: Collected Poems September 2017 >>

  • Tightrope
    Selina Tusitala Marsh

    With warrior fierceness and perceptive humour, ‘Fast-Talking PI’ Selina Tusitala Marsh upholds the mana of the Pacific as she walks the tightrope of tradition and culture. August 2017 >>

  • Night Horse
    Elizabeth Smither

    Mothers and daughters, cats and horses, books and bowls are transformed in Elizabeth Smither’s eighteenth poetry collection. June 2017 >>

  • Selected Poems
    Ian Wedde

    This impressive collection of poetry shows the prolific nature of one of our favourite poets, ranging over five decades: the largest collection of Ian Wedde’s poems to date. May 2017 >>

  • Mister Hamilton
    John Dickson

    A long-awaited new collection from a beloved New Zealand poet. August 2016 >>

  • Beside Herself
    Chris Price

    Beautifully crafted, riddling poems of persons and personae, truths and falsehoods, frank identities and masked selves. March 2016 >>

  • This Paper Boat
    Gregory Kan

    A rich and fractured first book in which two authors, their families and their many ghosts navigate oceans, forests, gardens, dreams and houses in New Zealand, Singapore and China. February 2016 >>

  • The Blue Voyage
    Anne French

    A buoyant, nicely pitched and elegiac collection by Anne French. November 2015 >>

  • Shaggy Magpie Songs
    Murray Edmond

    A little bubbly, a little bitter, a little absurd, and echoing with the sound of laughter, these poem-songs have shaggy tales to tell. August 2015 >>

  • Lost and Gone Away
    Lynn Jenner

    Finalist, Ockham New Zealand Book Awards. An excavation of loss, in four parts, Lost and Gone Away also plumbs the ability of literature to contain, refresh and explore. July 2015 >>