Auckland University Press is New Zealand’s leading scholarly publisher. The Press helps fulfil the university’s mission by disseminating scholarship and enabling outstanding teaching and learning. The Press has recently launched a new initiative to further that mission by publishing leading textbooks for undergraduate courses at New Zealand universities.
Auckland University Press Texts are distinguished by:

  • New Zealand content. Auckland University Press Texts are written by lecturers at leading New Zealand universities specifically for students in this country.
  • Quality scholarship. Auckland University Press Texts are peer reviewed by leading scholars in the field before publication to ensure excellence.
  • Flexible formats. Auckland University Press Texts are available in print and electronic formats.
  • Pricing for students. Auckland University Press Texts are priced for students (sell-through to over 90 per cent of enrolled students achieved).



  • A Land of Milk and Honey? Making Sense of Aotearoa New Zealand
    Edited by Avril Bell, Vivienne Elizabeth, Tracey McIntosh & Matt Wynyard

    An introduction to New Zealand society, from the foundations of Aotearoa New Zealand to contemporary debates about gender, violence, poverty, ethnicity and more. February 2017 >>

  • Politics and the Media: Second edition
    Edited by Geoff Kemp, Babak Bahador, Kate McMillan & Chris Rudd

    An introduction to the rich literature on media and politics internationally, covering history, political economy and contemporary trends, and then analyses the particular shape of the media in New Zealand and its political role. February 2016 >>

  • Democracy in New Zealand
    Raymond Miller

    An up-to-date and concise introduction to New Zealand politics and how it works. May 2015 >>